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  • Название компании...BakuCar.Rent
  • Год основания...2018
  • Адрес...ул. Неаполя 6B
  • Twitter...@BakucarR
  • Instagram...@bakucarent
  • Email...[email protected]
  • Web...


Bakucar.Rent rental cars services in Baku, Azerbaijan / Машины на прокат в Баку, Азербайджане


Book Rent a car Baku service for a trip on vacation. The car was given in excellent quality, no problems with the operation of this vehicle arose throughout the lease. I would like to note that before this company I tried to rent in other companies - they provided cars at inflated prices, so I definitely advise BakuCar.Rent as professionals in their field.Roman Nedelskiy22.08.2019
Привет. Взяли машину на прокат на трое суток. С авто все хорошо, проблем никаких нет, обслуживание очень хорошее, прекрасно общаются на русском! Обязательно воспользуемся услугами Bakucar.Rent еще раз (Translated by Google) Hey. We rented a car for three days. Everything is fine with the car, there are no problems, the service is very good, they communicate perfectly in Russian! We will definitely use the services of Bakucar.Rent againАнтон Ж.22.08.2019
I booked an online rental car and was given a good choice of vehicles. Good service and really friendly staff. Would fully recommendAlex Bukk19.08.2019
My wife and I arrived in Baku on vacation. For car rental service, we sent a request to several companies. Bakucar.Rent answered quickly and offered the best option from a partner - Karavan Rent. As a result, everything was done professionally, quickly and efficiently. Satisfied with everything, and the car and the prices and quality of service. I advise, definitely!Mike N18.08.2019
One of the best companies in the rent a car Baku sector - we easily chose the rental car and the rental company employees quickly contacted and confirmed the order - it turned out just super. Thank you very much! / Одна из лучших компаний в секторе Аренда авто в Баку - легко выбрали необходимую машину на прокат, сотрудники арендной компании быстро связались и подтвердили заказ - получилось просто супер. Большое спасибо. Так держать! (Translated by Google) If you are a customer, you can’t find out if you’ve been in the car park. Thank you very much! / One of the best companies in the car rental sector in Baku - they easily chose the rental car they needed, the rental company employees quickly contacted and confirmed the order - it turned out just super. Thank you very much. Keep it up!Ilbiz Digital05.07.2019
Vusal Rzayev07.02.2019
Большое спасибо, вы нас спасли. Даже ночью вы нам быстро предоставили машину, без предварительной резервации. Спасибо , очень дружелюбный у вас коллектив . Цены самые доступные . (Translated by Google) Thank you very much, you saved us. Even at night, you quickly provided us with a car, without prior reservation. Thank you, you have a very friendly team. The prices are the most affordable.Natalya Krasnova20.09.2018
Большое спасибо за вашу оперативную работу, всем советую. новые машины и выгодные цены. (Translated by Google) Thank you very much for your prompt work, I advise everyone. new cars and favorable prices.Юрий Тимофеев18.09.2018
Hello, thank you so much . All cars are new, good service, best prices. I recommend to everyoneLorean Timn17.09.2018
Hi , your company are best in Baku!!! your cars all new and price best! Thans allAban Isa14.09.2018

4.1  (27 reviews)

Аренда авто в Баку. Прокат машин в Баку. 2019 год
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