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Rent a car Baku, Azerbaijan

1. What is a wedding
A wedding is one of the main solemn moments in the life of both newlyweds and their parents. Since it is from this moment that the birth of new relationships, new life, new impressions begins.
Depending on the budget and preferences, a wedding is a modest receipt at the registry office, and a big celebration with many guests and entertainments.

2. Statistical information
According to statistics, in 2019 more than 60,000 marriages were registered in the district / city registration departments of the Ministry of Justice in Azerbaijan. Moreover, the number of marriages for every 1,000 people of the population has not changed compared to 2018 and remained at the level of 6.4.
The most active regions in terms of marriages for every 1,000 people were Aransky and Kalbajar-Lachinsky (6.9), as well as Nagorno-Shirvan (6.8), Sheki-Zagatalsky (6.6), Guba-Khachmaz and Verkhne-Karabakh (6.5 ) economic areas.


3. Azerbaijani wedding
In different corners of the Earth, on different continents, in different countries, there are customs and traditions of celebrating weddings. Azerbaijan wedding is not an exception and despite the fact that every day it has more and more modern elements, the basis is always national traditions.

Modern wedding ceremonies in the Republic of Azerbaijan have ancient roots. The past and present of the Azerbaijani people are inextricably intertwined in them, for which even now family and family relations are the basis of all values.


4. Wedding procession
For centuries, these traditions have been carefully preserved and handed down from generation to generation. Some traditions were dying, others were developing on the contrary, being filled with new content and meaning. One of such revived traditions, which are especially popular with modern youth, is the wedding procession of the bride and groom.
As you know, the first impression is the most important, in this regard, how and what the bridegroom appears with his retinue before his beloved was given great importance. For these purposes, in antiquity the most frisky and thoroughbred horses were chosen, then the phaetons drawn by white horses replaced them.

Wedding cars in Baku / Свадебные машины в Баку / Gəlin maşınları və Toy Maşınları

5. Wedding cars in Baku
Progress does not stand still – and luxury cars and SUVs have become the most popular vehicle for the wedding procession of the bride and groom. Today, wedding cars in Baku can be ordered both in the House of Celebrations and from specialized wedding car rental companies in Baku.

A wedding car provided for FREE by the House of Celebrations is for the most part a white Mercedes E-class or Mercedes C-class, the Mercedes S-class is very rarely used. This option is not very popular, since cars are not always in good condition and are not able to show the proper impression. In this regard, budget weddings use similar wedding cars in Baku.

Currently, most newlyweds prefer to use the services of specialized companies to organize a wedding procession in Baku and rent a wedding car in Baku. It is here that you can find both a luxurious and exclusive car for a wedding in Baku, which will undoubtedly impress others, and order the appropriate accompaniment of a wedding procession in Baku.

6. Three ways to order a car for a wedding in Baku
In order to use the service Wedding car rental in Baku you need:
1. call us on the number: +994 55 455 22 45
2. make a request through WhatsApp chat using the button at the bottom of the page
3. fill out and submit the online booking Online booking form
To send a transfer request, you need to specify the following information:
– indicate the car or car class. Business cars, VIP, Luxury, Premium class, SUVs are available for selection.
– indicate the date of the event, it is also desirable to indicate detailed information and preferences. This information is required so that we reserve the car and driver you need for the date you specify.
– mark your contact details. Confirmation of the reservation and feedback requires your name, email address and phone number

After sending the request within a short period (on average 24 hours), the manager will contact you to confirm the order, as well as provide all the necessary information about the car and the driver.

7. Tariffs for wedding cars in Baku

Rolls Royce Ghost

Rolls Royce Ghost / Wedding cars in Baku / Свадебные машины в Баку / Gəlin maşınları və Toy Maşınları
1200 AZN

Rolls Royce Phantom

Rolls Royce Phantom / Wedding cars in Baku / Свадебные машины в Баку / Gəlin maşınları və Toy Maşınları
1000 AZN

Bentley Mulsanne

1000 AZN

Chayka GAZ-13

500 AZN

Maserati Granturismo

450 AZN

Bentley Coupe

350 AZN

Mercedes Maybach

350 AZN

Audi R8

Audi R8 / Wedding cars in Baku / Свадебные машины в Баку / Gəlin maşınları və Toy Maşınları
300 AZN

Mercedes S-class

300 AZN

Range Rover Vogue

Range Rover / Wedding cars in Baku / Свадебные машины в Баку / Gəlin maşınları və Toy Maşınları
300 AZN

Maserati Quatroporte

250 AZN

Chevrolet Camaro

250 AZN


200 AZN

Porshe Panamera

200 AZN

Ford Mustang

250 AZN

Chevrolet Camaro

150 AZN

Mercedes G-class

150 AZN

Motorcycle escort

150 AZN


9. The main advantages of a wedding car service in Baku
The main advantage of wedding car rental in Baku is the wide range and exclusivity of both vehicles and the services provided.
Having ordered Wedding cars in Baku, the client receives:
– the reliable and comfortable vehicle,
– registration of the car or the entire wedding procession,
– professional and experienced driver/drivers,
– consultations on all issues of interest to him related to wedding cars in Baku
– payment in a convenient way and much more

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