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  • Company name...Best Rent a car Baku
  • Year of foundation...2005
  • Address...10 Aliyar Aliyev str.
  • Phone...+99470 229 71 73
  • WhatsApp...+99470 229 71 73
  • Web...


Best Rent LLC Baku Rent a Car


(Translated by Google) Excellent company, there are all modern and good cars at good prices, with very little depost. You can visit them and look at cars and models. You can also trust them.(Original) شركه ممتازه يوجد جميع السيارات الحديثه والجيده وباسعار جيده مع ديبوست قليل جداً يمكنكم زياراتهم والتطلع على السيارات والموديلات كما يمكنكم الوثوق بهمAlhasan Kadhim20.03.2020
The service is good and mr nihad is very nice gentelman. no cheating very good service and good commitment. The location is good to pock the carFaisal Naveed15.03.2020
Good service friendly staffUmair Anjum15.03.2020
(Translated by Google) Excellent rental office I recommend(Original) مكتب تاجير ممتاز انصح بهإبراهيم الجربوع29.02.2020
(Translated by Google) I highly recommend it, respectable people and especially the nihat a very helpful and helpful man(Original) أنصح به بشدة ، أشخاص محترمين وخاصة نيهات رجل خدوم جداً و متعاون• şɑ͠łєн͠ •29.02.2020
(Translated by Google) The rental location is very beautiful, and the staff is very nice, especially Brother Nahhat. I highly recommend it.(Original) مكان الايجار جميل جداً ، والعاملين لطيفين جداً خصوصاً الاخ ناهات ، انصح فيه بشدة .azooz alfuhid29.02.2020
I rented a Mercedes s class for this company and the delivery was fast. Then entire signing contracts took about 10 min and i loved it . Even doe i was underage they still helped me getting the car i want .deposit was returned to me exactly when i gave the car away and it was simple and easy. I definitely recommend theses guys go check them out they are great people and they would help as much as they canAhmad B B26.02.2020
Арендовал автомобиль Hyundai Elantra 2019, когда был в командировке в Азербайджане. Думал, не найду здесь достойного сервиса по аренде автомобиля. Доволен и обслуживанием, без очереди, быстрым предоставлением автомобиля, оформляли всего минут 20, самим автомобилем, новенький 2019 года. Рекомендую.(Translated by Google) I rented a car Hyundai Elantra 2019 when he was on a business trip in Azerbaijan. I thought, I can not find here a decent service for renting a car. Pleased with the service, no queues, providing fast car, decorations for the entire 20 minutes, by car, brand new in 2019. Recommend.Namazov Suliddin23.02.2020
👍👍👍Kamale Muradova23.02.2020
Took a 2-day trip up to the Sheki with durable and comfy LC200! We were absolutely stoked by the beauties of the mountains! The car was lit, Nabi from rental service was super kind and nice - he brought the car to our place in Baku and picked it up from the airport. 100% recommend to anyone who is planning to visit Baku suburbs and mountain regions with rental cars!George13.01.2020

4.9  (240 reviews)

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