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Rent a car Baku services in Azerbaijan



Welcome to Baku, where centuries-old national traditions, natural, historical and cultural sights harmoniously intersect with modernity.

Do you want to cover all the beauty of the capital and regions of the republic? Then you just need to use Rent a car Baku service.

The BakuCar.Rent project has collected for you the most recent promotions and special offers for car rental Baku from leading local companies.





Today, a huge number of companies and individuals present in the local market a car hire Baku service.

The main goal of the BakuCar.Rent project is to create a simplified system where, within the framework of one resource, users could find and compare offers from different companies, as well as quickly reserve the car he needed online.

To achieve this goal, we have entered into partnership agreements with leading rental cars Baku resources: Carhirebaku, Bakurentacar, Trustrent, Karavanrent, Renteks, Rentacarbaku.

Car hire Baku, Azerbaijan




Sərfəli şərtlərlə avtomobil kirayəsi



If you are limited in time and you need help in choosing the best option for the Auto Rent Baku, simply fill out the online booking form below and our specialist will process the request as soon as possible and provide you with all the necessary information.

Need rent a car Baku? Do not wait for tomorrow – book the car you need right now at the best price on the market.


Where to rent a car in Baku?

To rent a car in Baku, you need to select the car you need on our website and send an online booking request.
A representative of the car rental company will contact you within 24 hours (on working days) to confirm the reservation and provide you with information of interest.

How much is a car rental in Baku?

Car rental in Baku, Azerbaijan directly depends on the car you choose and the rental period – the longer the period, the lower the cost of the rental.
You can get acquainted with the prices of cars in the section RENTAL CARS BAKU

Is it possible to car hire Baku for one day?

Due to high risks, our partners do not car hire Baku for one day – the minimum period for ordering a rental car is 3 days.

Can I order a rental car with a driver in Baku?

All partners of the project BakuCar.Rent provides a rental car with a driver in Baku, Azerbaijan service.
To order this service, you need to choose a car and order it online, and in the section, ADDITIONAL indicate the point about renting a car with a driver.


Age requirements

The minimum age for the driver is 25 years. If the driver is less than the specified age, then he can use the car rental Baku service with a driver.

Required documents

In order to use the service Car rental in Baku, you must show the following documents:

  • an international driving license (with duplication of information in English) while the owner must have a minimum driving experience of 1 year
  • international passport or ID (with duplication of information in English)

Service area

The service Car rental in Baku is provided only within the Azerbaijan Republic – it is strictly forbidden to operate a car outside the republic.


The project only cooperates with companies that include full insurance in the car rental service – thus, all rental cars Baku are insured under the Compulsory Car Insurance + CASCO service.

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Best actions and special offers from leading companies of Azerbaijan

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    1. All our partners provide a rental car with a driver in Baku, Azerbaijan service.
      To order this service, you need to choose a car and order it online – in the section, ADDITIONAL indicate the point about renting a car with a driver
      Thank you for your question.

  1. Hello.
    What do I need to rent a car in Baku?
    What conditions?
    What documents do I need to submit for booking and how long does the registration process take?

    1. Hello.
      If you want to use the Car rental service in Baku, Azerbaijan as an individual, then you need to provide a driver’s license of international standard and an identity document.
      If you want to take a car as a legal entity, then you will need to provide the Charter of the company and certified copies of constituent documents + representative’s passport, identity card and driver’s license of the driver/drivers.
      Thank you for your question.

  2. Hello, I ama from Dubai
    I will be in Baku soon and was looking to rent exotic cars like a Lamborghini or Ferrari.
    Are there any companies in Baku that provide similar rental cars, Are there any such places?
    Any advice greatly appreciated.

    1. Hello.
      Our partners provide the service Luxury car rental in Baku, Azerbaijan. Unfortunately, at the moment, Ferrari and Lamborghini are not rented out, however, we can offer you luxury cars of the Porsche, Bentley, Audi, Mercedes, etc.
      Thank you for your question.

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Rent a car Baku, Azerbaijan. Car hire Baku. Rental Cars Baku
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